About Calliart

Blue light. Eyes glued to screens. Clickety clack of keyboards. Hours spent processing information but rarely connecting with it. That’s what most of us spend the majority of our days doing nowadays. Enter calligraphy – the ancient art decorative handwriting and lettering.  It’s more than an expression of beauty and aesthetics. Writing slowly and deeply is a meditative process that helps us express and reconnect with ourselves. It holds up a mirror to our nature and behaviour.

It was with the dream of making exquisite and artistic calligraphy training accessible to the masses that calligraphy practitioner Inku Kumar founded Calliart. Kumar himself is a self-taught artist, now counted among India’s foremost calligraphers. He spent years mastering the traditional skills of calligraphy and conceptualising his innovative approach to it, all the while working a corporate job.

What sets Kumar’s art apart is the fact that he approaches the letters not as writing but as drawing. His work lies at the intersection of language and art. He is inspired by the historical legacy of calligraphy but also focuses on implementing his experimental thought process and ideas. He established his own calligraphy institute Calliart to explore the art form in his own unique way.

With CalliArt, Kumar focuses on experimental as well as traditional approaches to the art. Students are given a thorough hands-on introduction to the subject and swiftly master the basics while honing their own individual styles. One of the first things we learn in school is to draw and conjoin different lines to create alphabet letters. This teaches us language, a way to make sense of the world and participate in it. At Calliart, with Kumar’s guidance, students turn that elementary life lesson into a grand artistic journey.